About Us
Uganda Microcredit Foundation Ltd (UMF) is an indigenous Micro Finance Company that was incorporated and started operations in 2008 in Uganda. UMF is a member of Association of Microfinance Institutions in Uganda (AMFIU). Uganda Micro Credit Foundation Ltd is a micro finance institution involved in small and medium credit financing. UMF positions its self with a mandate of championing the social economic transformation of the people of Uganda. UMF offers micro finance services to its members at the grass root who are mainly involved in the informal sector. Many of such clients are disadvantaged in a way that the formal banking sector cannot easily extend financial services to them.
UMF is highly flexible with products and services tailored to suit the existing market conditions. The customer base is made up of small and medium entrepreneurs involved in all legal activities. Clients access these services in different packages including: Group, Individual, Agricultural Loans, Salary, School Fees, and Emergency Loans. These loans have an average term of six months, though on case by case we give up to 2 years.

Our Vision
To be the champion of the socio economic transformation of the small and medium enterprises in Uganda.
Our Mission
To offer inclusive financial and non-Financial services to small and medium enterprises in rural and urban areas of Uganda, through well designed customer tailored products in order to facilitate economic growth and development.
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